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Thursday, 8 September 2011

My First The Gallery - Shoes

I've wanted to join in with the Gallery (on the fantastic Sticky Fingers blog) since I started my blog but what with one thing and another (holidays, redundancy and general busyness) I haven't so far but when I saw this weeks theme I knew I already had the perfect pic.

The theme is shoes and I remembered taking this picture last Halloween of our family's wellies. I'm not sure what made me take it - we had been out to watch the village fireworks and bonfire and the kids had had a Halloween party. I think I'd probably had a bit too much mulled wine and was feeling unusually contented after a (rare) happy family evening and the family of wellies by the door where we had taken them off just needed to be photographed. Anyway here they are almost a year later - and what a year - but more of that another time!

(Not sure if it is significant that husband and my wellies are back to back!!)

Family of wellies!


  1. Found your lovely blog on netmums and thought I'd say hello. I haven't come across the Gallery before but might give it a try myself. Love the family of... idea - so many possibilities!
    I've recently started blogging too - it's if you fancy having a look.
    Happy blogging!

  2. You can't beat a family of wellies! Endless hour of happiness to be had by all! Thanks so much for joining in.
    As I tell everyone, it's not about getting it 'right' so much as giving you a little inspiration and giving people a gentle kick to get taking more photos. Ok ok, it's a BIG kick!

  3. Helen, thank you for your lovely comment - just about to head over to your blog and check it out.

    and thank you Tara for the encouragement - looking forward to next weeks the Gallery - just hope I remember to join in regularly!

    oh and sorry for not replying individually - don't know how or evn if you can do that on Blogger!


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