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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What? Wednesday

I've loved the idea of What? Wednesday ever since I first saw it on the wonderful mammasaurus' blog. (I don't know how she does all that she does - think she secretly has 28 hour days to fit it all in). It has taken me until now to action my first idea. I had to do two pics as you can't tell where it is on the close up!

As you may know I was recently made redundant and although I would love to work from home I do, unfortunately, need to work so that we can eat! So off to the job centre I went (what a depressing experience - but that's another story). So here is my own advert asking for a job! Not as arty as mammasuarus I'm afraid (I'm not great at art)- but her post this week has given me some ideas for next time!!

What? Wednesday at the Job Centre

Go on you know you want to!!


  1. Yay ! Chuffed that you've joined in !

    And a great place to leave a note too - fingers crossed a job follows soon xxx

  2. Fabulous! Next week you should put it on the jobs board inside - you never know who might need a writer with initiative!

  3. Thank you mammasaurus! Actually Mummy - not a bad idea but don't think I'd dare take a photo of it in situ - some scary ladies in there!!

  4. Love it - well done & good luck!

  5. hope a job follows! would certainly be an unique story! my other half is in same position at moment so if it works let me know!

  6. Welcome to What?Wednesday! Did you feel ever so slightly naughty posting it? I do! Hope a job comes up soon for you. Mummy's the same - she's on garden leave from tomorrow.

  7. Enjoying reading your posts.
    I've just had a job become available! 20 hours per week - no experience necessary, just a fun & bubbly personality! But it's in Adelaide, Australia :) Lol just putting it out there... worth a shot! :)

  8. Thank you all - no results so far but I don't think it stuck on the wall very well! Chatty baby - yes I did feel rather naughty posting it! Alexandra - thank you and that sounds great but it's a wee bit too far to travel - until they invent a time machine!!


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