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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Gallery - Colour - Orange

I am VERY late in posting this but I'm afraid my blog has been somewhat neglected over the last couple of weeks - they've been a bit tough and life has just got in the way somehow - sorry blog and my lovely new followers!

Anyways on to the subject of the Gallery - week 77. The subject was colour and I knew I really, really wanted to join in as soon as I read Tara's post. I decided on the colour ORANGE. I am not entirely sure why except that it is youngest daughters favourite colour (when it's not pink!) and I love the shades of orange you get in autumn and the orangey colours of a beautiful sunset. It's a happy colour (bit like youngest daughter really!)

So here goes - some pictures of ORANGE - some are from the last week or so and some are from the more distant past - they have a vaguely garden theme - there are so many beautiful orange colours in nature.

Orangey red poppies - still flowering in October!

Autumnal orange Acer leaves

Vivid orange Chinese Lanterns (Physalis)

Orangey pink pelargonium flowers

Autumnal orange colour at RHS Wisley

Orange markings on a 'Red' Admiral butterfly

Fantastic orange gypsy caravan at the wonderful Chaumont sur Loire garden festival 
If you are inspired by all the gorgeous colours in the Gallery this week then head on over to the UNICEF own a colour website and you can buy your very own colour for a minimum donation of £1 per colour which all helps to raise money for vulnerable children across the world. You have a choice of a mind boggling 16.7 million shades of colour and it costs just £1.This will buy enough polio vaccines for 10 children and you can of course donate more.

I got so excited that I am now the proud owner of 3 colours - Boo's Orange, Flo's Pink and Rollercoaster Red!

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  1. what beautiful photos :) I love the chinese lanterns! so pretty :)


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