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Saturday, 22 October 2011

National Baking Week - River Cottage Pear & Almond Cake

Having heard it was National Baking Week I thought I should dust off my apron and get the cake tin out - luckily the chickens are still laying just enough eggs. This is not an original recipe - the credit goes to my personal hero, the wonderful Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

I thought that with the surfeit of apples and pears we currently have after a mornings pick your own harvest at Blackmoor Estate orchards last weekend the baking should include these and I remembered making this cake fairly successfully a couple of years ago. It is a wonderfully sticky, gooey cake - particularly lovely served warm with some plain Greek yoghurt (a staple in our house as the girls often have it for pudding with a dribble of honey or some fruit or jam or even just on it's own).

So here is the recipe if you're interested and a pic of the finished product as made by moi! (not quite like HFW's!) Go on have a go - it's really easy.

The other pears have been pickled (much nicer than they sound and great with cheese), some will be poached in some cheap french plonk and others joined with apples in fresh apple,pear and ginger mincemeat. The majority of the apples meanwhile have been carefully packed into a box to keep outside in the summerhouse for baked apples later in the winter and the rest stewed and frozen for crumbles and other recipes.

I hope you enjoy my autumnal harvest baking inspiration! More on our autumn harvesting to follow another day. Happy National Baking Week - cheers!

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  1. Yum. I love almonds. That cake looks delicious. I'd eat it warm with lots of creme fraiche. Right, off to get some breakfast before I eat the computer screen...


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