Rollercoaster Mum: Nov 10th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 10 - Wot so funee?- the end of the world..


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nov 10th - #NaBloPoMo - Post 10 - Wot so funee?- the end of the world..

Little Miss Sunshine (age 3) comes out with some corkers and I have been looking forward to joining in with the lovely Actually Mummy's Wot So Funee? for ages but the problem is I can't remember most of those funny moments. This week I was determined to join in and it was inspired by her total lack of awareness of the concept of time and space!

We often get what we did yesterday or just now (which could actually have been last week or last month even) or when we go to the dentist next week (it's in 6 months time) but she came out with a great one last week.

On the drive to Grandma's house (which is about 50 miles away - albeit along a windy old A road that takes about an hour and a half) she said:

'Mummy, is Grandma's house at the end of the World?'

Now I'm not sure of her concept of the end of the world but Grandma lives in a small town in Sussex (not one by the sea, so no cliffs) which to some people may be the end of the world! The thing is she has been lots of time to Grandma's and also on lots of other much longer journeys (her other Grandparents live about 180 miles away) and last February we flew long haul to Sri Lanka so quite why Grandma should live at the end of the world I'm not too sure but it made me and Little Miss Star giggle anyway!


  1. I love the way children see life. Cherish as they become teenagers in changes xx

  2. It is stuff like this that #funee is meant for - so we don't forget the innocent and cute but hilarious things they once said! Makes you wonder what goes on in their heads doesn't it? Bless, she must have been reeeeeally bored!

  3. Bless, don't you just love how childrens minds work? I suppose to her it does seem like the end of the world. Little sweetie!

  4. Aw bless her - that is too cute!!!


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