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Friday, 20 January 2012

The Gallery - Eyes

I love joining in with the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers but was a bit slack towards the end of last year so I eagerly awaited the first theme of the New Year from Tara but I was to be disappointed as it was a photo taken on your 'phone. I don't have a fancy 'phone - mine does take pictures - just - but they are truly crap and I have no idea how to get them from 'phone to computer anyway so I couldn't join in :( 

This week however I think the theme has been inspirational - I discovered all sorts about my little compact digital camera and had a good play with it as well as a good play on the Picnik site which I have been longing to do for ages so here are my photo's - both undoctored and doctored. Like a lot of people my children's eyes feature heavily - who doesn't like gazing into their children's eyes? I have also included a pic of one of our chicken's eyes as well as it made a fascinating project trying to take photos of a chicken's eyes - I had to pick her up and tuck her under my arm eventually and the photo was taken with one hand! (thank you for your patience Balti!) Oh and I was required to take pics of Teddy's eyes too!

So here you are - the photos Picniked first:

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Star

Little Miss Sunshine and Teddy
Balti - our Speckeldy Chicken 

And now for the undoctored photos: 

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Star

Little Miss Sunshine and Teddy

Balti the Chicken


  1. Crikey, I did not realise how terrifying chicken's eyes were up close!

    All the others are beautiful though :)

    1. The chickens eyes are quite weird aren't they!

  2. ohh I missed the eye themed week I think, these are great photos, I am going to try and join in with the see it snap it linky this week :)


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