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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Life's Ups and Downs

As I said in my 52 Photo Project post it's been a funny old week with lots of ups and downs. Last weekend was mostly down in that it felt like we were back to being a sad family with everyone shouting but we did manage a wonderful winter walk and OH did fix the tiles in the kitchen that have been needing fixing since last March - yes March!!

On the upsides this week: 

I accomplished loads on Monday on my first time alone in the house since Christmas - heaps of cleaning and tidying was done. Little Miss Star's bedroom finally looks clear again, I chucked loads of stuff out (there is loads more to do but it's a start) and she passed on some toys to her little sister. New Year's resolutions started!

Our poorly chicken is better and laying eggs with the best of them - we are now getting 4 eggs a day most days and now we don't know what to do with so many!! I managed to sell 3 half dozen yesterday - yay!

We finally got a new piece of furniture that OH had ordered. We have been looking for something to put a much longed for aquarium on for literally years - the aquarium will be OH's birthday pressie - it is big birthdays for both of us this year so he deserves it and he has wanted one ever since I met him over 12 years ago and there has always been a reason why not - he should finally get his wish at for... I mean 21!

I met up for a coffee with a good friend and had a good old natter and had another natter with another friend when her little girl came to play with Little Miss Sunshine. Always good to talk,

We've had some gorgeous sunny winter weather - and there is more to come according to the weatherman - love it like this cold and bright.

This all sounds good but the downsides have knocked me for 6 a bit. 

The main one being Little Miss Sunshine's sleeping habits. She is 4yo and has always varied between a good to average sleeper but in the last few weeks has been waking more and more for absolutely no reason - not ill, not nightmares or night terrors - just lost teddy, lost blankie, sort my covers out or other random unnecessary requests. This culminated on Thursday night in her waking me about 10 times - consequently I have been knackered and bad tempered too say the least and so has she. This results in much shouting and general unhappiness for everybody in the house.

What with tiredness and busyness I have not done what I wanted to do in the continued clearing of the house and keeping up with the blog so it all went rather downhill from Monday.

I am also now completely unemployed again as the temporary packing job I was doing before Christmas kept us on for a bit but they have now given us notice - so back to the dole queue - really fucking depressing that one.

Anyway to end on an up note - Little Miss Sunshine decided she wanted to go to bed at 5.30pm tonight and touch wood seems OK and next Monday is my birthday and I am hopeful I am getting the pressie I want and I plan a fab weekend and a shopping trip all to myself - just me - only me on Monday - can't wait!!


  1. I feel for you on the sleepless night front, we've been through our fair share of sleepless nights and it is so energy sapping. Your day out to yourself new week sounds fab. Have a lovely time, and happy birthday! :0)

  2. Oooh that's definitely something to look forward to! The sleep loss is a killer, but at least you know that will pass. It will pass!

  3. Feel a bit guilty now as she has been poorly today with a rotten cold and a temperature! and yes I know it will pass. (been there before with bells on!) but....
    I'm just rather selfishly hoping now that she is better by Monday so she can go to nursery and I get my day out!


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