Rollercoaster Mum: Twelfth Night - 52 Photo Project - Week 1


Friday, 6 January 2012

Twelfth Night - 52 Photo Project - Week 1

Well it's twelfth night (6th Jan - although some people think it should be the 5th Jan but that's another story) and the Christmas decs must come down. I hate this moment each year as the house looks so bare afterwards and it signifies another year gone by in my children's lives. Next Christmas my baby will be a schoolgirl and that is just so scary.

Anyway on that last night, before I must put the decorations away, I like to turn out all the lights except for the fairy lights and just chill thoughtfully in front of the tree and this is what I'm looking at tonight. Farewell tree for another year - I'm sure you'll look even more sparkly and beautiful next Christmas. x.

This is my first post in the 52 Photo Project -  a photo posted every week for a year. I have put up a special page for these on my blog so you can look at them all together if you want - you can find the page here. If you would like to see some of my fellow compatriots - many far more dedicated than me and doing the 366 Photo Project (a photo a day every day for a year - I kid you not!) the you can find the links here on the Love All Blogs 366 and 52 Photo Project Group.


  1. Lovely...good luck with the challenge! I totally missed that one. x

  2. 1 down, 51 to go!!!
    I always love putting me tree up, but am normally glad to see the back of it. Although the house does always seem really bare once the decorations are all gone.

  3. I must admit I was rather pleased to have the Christmas tree shaped space back! My oldest will be starting school this year also, time is flying tooooo fast! I am (crazily) taking part in the 366 project. Looking forward to seeing more of your pics x

  4. Good luck with the challenge. Now you're making me think about joining in as well. Is it too late to join; I have a photo for this week which sums up my week. PS love the tree! Deb

  5. Nice pic - I miss our tree already! Good luck with the challenge. I'm doing 52 too.

  6. Thank you for alll your lovely comments and good to see that Deb and Emma you've joined in too - yay! Good luck to you Kelly - very brave doing the 366! Looking forward to seeing all these pics this year :)

  7. I do like Christmas and only put my tree up the week before. This way the kids don't associate the pre-Christmas stress with the lovely decorations and I try to be chilled out from the week before.
    I do like the space I have gained now that the tree is packed away.

  8. I like to turn off all but the Christmas tree lights on christmas eve after everyone has gone to bed and the pressies are round the tree and then i say a prayer for absent friends and wish them merry christmas too.
    It does look empty after the decs are down but also clean and fresh and a whole new page to write on for the coming year.


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