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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Gallery - Me Right Now

Tara over at Sticky Fingers challenged us to take a picture of ourselves right now - right then - at the moment we read the prompt. Well I couldn't possibly show my face - it was 10am on a Saturday and I was still in my jimjams and had NO make up on so there is no way on earth you were ever going to see my face. So here you are - my wonderfully attractive Pyjama bottoms, mummy type fluffy slippers and the ubiquitous cup of coffee. And yes the TV is on - I think it was Mister Maker! To be fair this is quite often how I am dressed when blogging but it's usually late at night not in the morning so coffee is swapped for Chamonile Tea!
The photo is heavily edited (ahem Picnik addiction!) as it was a very bad photo in the first place due to me forgetting to turn off the mode it had been in the previous night when I was attempting photos of the night sky - oops!


  1. Great the black & white effect!

  2. It's nice to have a nosy at what everyone was doing when the read the prompt.

  3. I love my slipper too. I live in mine.


  4. I'm delighted to see that your jim-jams match the carpet, albeit in black and white :)

  5. I'd love those slippers - they'd keep me warm and you can't beat PJs.

  6. cosy slippers and pjs and perfect for lazy weekend mornings and I'm so sad picnik will be closing soon :(


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