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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Happiness Project - What makes you happy?

As soon as I read about this on the wonderful Kate Takes 5 (she of the mugs fame!!) I wanted to join in. I loved the idea of getting my girls to tell me what made them happy and I set out all enthusiastic at the beginning of half term.

So what happened ? Well we've not had the best of half terms - fairly miserable to be honest and certainly not very conducive to happy. Nothing bad has happened it's just been one of those weeks where my eldest daughter in particular has stropped, tantrumed and on occasion lied. In fact if these were Olympic Sports she would be getting a medal. Such a shame after her wonderful ending to the term when we were so proud of her for doing well at school, swimming and rugby. If anyone has any top tips for improving the behaviour of a nearly 7yo girl it would be appreciated!

However I digress, I did manage to ask them what made them happy and I loved Kate's idea of the pictures so I did it too.  Even this created issues - eldest said 'cuddling' which was lovely but threw an enormous wobbly because she couldn't draw cuddles and whatever I suggested was wrong. Eventually with the help of her younger sister we persuaded her that taking a photo of them cuddling could be used for her list - phew! So here they are - here's to the happiness quotient improving in our household now that half term is over!

Little Miss Sunshine : 

  • Being with Mummy and Daddy and her sister
  • Birthdays (she's big on all things birthday!)

Little Miss Star: 
  • sunshine
  • having cuddles
  • having kisses
  • flowers
  • cake
  • birthdays
  • playing
  • when other people are happy

As you can see once she got going she really ran with it! My favourite is when other people are happy. I think maybe I should take some clues from these too - maybe if she had more cuddles and kisses and we as a family were all a bit happier she might be a happier little girl. (However any tips and hints still appreciated!) 

I see now that Kate has extended this little project and her Listography this week is all about what makes us Mums and Dads happy so I will be having a go at that in the next day or so (too late now and I need my bed!) 

I've done my Listography about what makes me happy now - if you want to know have a look here.

Here's to lots more happiness - what makes you and yours happy? 

PS - this is my first Blog Hop!


  1. This is SOOOOO lovely. Bless them! Love the pics - photos and everything. Amazing what you learn isn't it?!

  2. What a lovely idea. Love their pictures. So sweet as well the story about your daughter getting cross because she couldn't draw a cuddle!

    PS - Have tagged you in the meme 11 Questions, if you fancy it!


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