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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Something I Love

To celebrate Valentines Day (not something I really believe in much to be honest) the lovely people at Albelli and Love All Blogs have launched a photo competition to win a print up to the value of £100. Now I love a good comp and I liked the subject 'Something I love' (despite being a Valentines cynic).

The question was what should I have a picture of? My husband - no go as he remains anonymous, my kids  - too obvious for me, flowers/cake - well I like these but I don't truly love them. Then it came to me - my home. I love travelling and seeing new places but I also love coming home - the familiar smells, the comfy bed, proper mugs of coffee and just having my things about me. I have always loved my home and I still love the house that my parents live in and where I was brought up but now this is my home where I have my little family - a place to retreat to, to love, laugh, cry and feel safe in. It's not as big as I would like, it's certainly not as tidy and it's not in the perfect spot but it is ours (well the mortgage is anyway!).

So here it is I am sharing an image of something I love with Love All Blogs and Albelli - my home.

There is still a little time to enter as the competition finishes at midday today - Tuesday 14th Feb. As a bonus Albelli are offering every entry a free photobook worth £15.95 so it's worth a try!


  1. Ahhh there's no place like home x

  2. What a lovely looking house! Emma :)

    1. it's not all ours - in fact it's a terrace of 4 houses so they look tiny from the outside but they are a bit like tardis's (not sure if that is the correct plural of tardis!). Small but almost perfectly formed!


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