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Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Gallery - Light

Tara over at Sticky Fingers has challenged us to improve our photography by using natural light for the Gallery this week. Good natural light has been somewhat lacking this week as it's been miserably grey and cloudy but I took a loads of photos back in January which show off that wonderful wintry light that you get on a bright winters day. I have been dying to put these photos into a blog post and not got around to it so here's my chance! I will of course be attempting to improve my use of natural light in future photos too!!

Winter's light on the ranges:

Winter light by the sea:

Winter light in the city:

To see more from the Gallery over at Sticky Fingers click the badge below:


  1. what fabulous pictures showcasing some amazing light! love the seaside ones

  2. ...fab set of had me fooled, thought you must be blogging from Vermont or Canada or something until I got to the Greenwich ones!!

  3. Thank you - even though I've included loads it still took me ages to choose them!

  4. Ahhh beach photos are always my favourite !


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