Rollercoaster Mum: Saturday is Caption Day!


Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday is Caption Day!

I tried really hard this week to capture Little Miss Star or anything else that might make a good #SatCap subject but once again Little Miss Sunshine trumped me. You probably think I dress her up and make her pose for these photos but I really don't. She just does these random dressing up things and then actions to go with them that just make me laugh! Anyway here she is this week - do your worst - what caption would you give this picture?

For lots more SatCap fun head on over to Mammasaurus - just hit the button below:


  1. 5 more minutes of dressing up remained before the Armarda would have to be tackled.

  2. Meanwhile up in the crow's nest...

  3. More tales of what the daughter saw!

  4. Smarties tubes have got proper dead fancy. I swear to God that's Mars I can see.
    Oh no.
    It just a left over red one.

  5. Why is it all black? Oh! *switches eye patch to other eye*

  6. I'm going to follow Mummy around all day and then we'll see how she likes having the lens permanently pointed at her!

  7. Ahoy there shipmates! Hand over the biscuits me hearties or you'll walk the plank!

    1. Mammasaurus you can run but you cannot hide!!

  8. Yaargh, I think I spies m'fashion sense. ;)

  9. the pirate princess was ready for action!


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