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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Gallery - Action

I don't get many real action shots and it is definitely something I need to work on as when I do take them they often end up a bit blurry. I have managed to garner a couple for this post though.

First up is Little Miss Sunshine doing her favourite activity of jumping in muddy puddles. She gets to do this mostly when we attend the pre-school Little Squirrels group at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. This is a fabulous group which gives children the chance to be active outside, where we take the kids out for a walk with a themed activity and then they come back to the centre to do a craft, have a story, a drink and a biscuit. All for the bargain price of £4 per child. We love our Little Squirrels group and we're going to miss it when she starts school in September.

Secondly I have used yet more pictures from our day out at Uppark House. I loved this one of Little Miss Star running through the underground tunnels with great joy on her face. The National Trust have recently launched a '50 things to do before you are 113/4' campaign which is largely based on outdoor activities and even though this isn't strictly speaking outside it was at a National Trust property and there is some action! The campaign is a great idea though to get kids and parents involved and enthused about outdoor activities. I did take a great video of them rolling down a hill too but that can wait until another time!

For lots more Action head over to The Gallery at Sticky Fingers - just click the image below.



  1. You just can't beat a muddy puddle!

  2. Fantastic action shots! Looka at all that mud!

  3. She does like a muddy puddle - shoul've called her Peppa!


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