Rollercoaster Mum: More rain - 52 Photo Project - Week 17


Sunday, 29 April 2012

More rain - 52 Photo Project - Week 17

Do you know what happened this week - it rained - a lot - with just a little bit of sunshine occasionally. We went to school and nursery and work and it rained. That's all.

Rain on the window
Well we did have a lovely afternoon out at the National Trust's Uppark House last Sunday but absolutely nothing else has happened.

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  1. Very appropriate picture for this week. When will it stop eh?

  2. Lol your photo sums this week up totally!!

  3. That picture just sums up the week, let's all do a sundance?

  4. YES! It's been pants hasn't it. My photographs are so naff because of it this week.

  5. Its been awful weather but your pictures is actually quiet calming!

  6. That so sums up our week too! Good photo!

  7. I love this - so simple yet so effective!

  8. We are the same, kids went out on the farm to play but it was a wet week for sure

  9. Rain rain go away!
    It's been sunny here today so hoping we have seen the last of the rain for a while.

  10. Great photo, I am rubbish at photographing raindrops!

    Thanks for linking up


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