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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

See it Snap it Love it - Eyes

First of all I have to thank Dear Beautiful Boy for awarding me Photo of the Week from last weeks See it Snap it Love it on the theme of  Red. I am really chuffed - I even get a winner's badge - how exciting. Here it is (showing off now I know!) You can see the winning photo over here.


The pressure is now on of course for this week's theme which is 'Eyes'. Now I did a post on Eyes for the Gallery a while back in which I took some close ups of the girls eyes, a chickens eye and even Teddy's eyes and had a really good play with the editing too. I was quite proud of these pictures but didn't get many comments (sob!) If you want to see those pics then head over here.  

That was then though, and this is now, tempting as it was to do something similar I have decided to submit a photo of Little Miss Star which I took on our day out at Uppark House on Sunday. Although this picture does not focus on the eyes, in fact you can barely see one of them, it is the look in her eyes that I love. She looks really happy and ever so slightly cheeky. For me it is her eyes that stand out in this photo and I really love it.

Next weeks theme is water (as chosen by me as *ahem* last weeks winner! )

To join in just head on over to My Beautiful Boy by clicking on this image:


  1. Oooh. I love this picture. And I agree that her eyes really pop out of it somehow and they really draw you in.
    Well done on last week's win and thanks for linking up again this week. X

  2. this is a beautiful photo, Congrats on winning last week, water is a great theme you picked for next week too :)

  3. Lovely photo! I am off to the lake tomorrow to try and meet your challenge. :o)

  4. What a cheeky face - and the eyes give it away!!!

  5. Beautiful photo and well done on last week's photo x

  6. I think it's the lovely shade of blue that make her eyes stand out in the picture. They seem slightly more focused somehow. Gorgeous! Congrats on last weeks win too xx

  7. Lovely photo, she looks so grown up and ladylike! Blue eyes are definitely the best :) xx


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