Rollercoaster Mum: Posh frocks - 52 Photo Project - Week 19


Friday, 11 May 2012

Posh frocks - 52 Photo Project - Week 19

The most significant event this week was no doubt last weekends visit up to see the girls paternal grandparents, cousins and aunts and uncles (and a trip to the in-laws for me!) Now, as most of them don't know I blog and probably have no clue what a blog is I don't particularly want to ask them if I can use photos of them soooo... I give you a picture of some dresses! Why? you may ask.

Well you may know that we are going on a cruise in the summer as I mentioned before. The girls were thrilled when we told them and on hearing that there would be several nights of dressing up declared they had 'nothing to wear'. The in-laws often buy them pretty party dresses so they were tasked with getting them cruise dresses in lieu of Easter and birthday presents.

There was high excitement when the girls were told that they had them already and there was much trying on and matching of jewellery - it was very nearly as exciting as seeing everybody.

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  1. We are looking at going away in June to Egypt - getting away is so fantastic and I hope you have a lovely time :) The dress on the right in particular is lovely. I do love pink though! x

  2. What very pretty dresses.

  3. posh enough to sit at the captains table

  4. Very pretty. I particularly like the roses one - don't suppose they have them in adult sizes?

  5. What girl needs an excuse to show off a pretty dress?

  6. Lovely summer dresses! Very pretty. x

  7. Ooh lovely dresses! I would love some nice summer weather to be able to wear some!

  8. Girls and dresses, something we never stop being excited about! Have a wonderful time on your holidays. x

  9. They are pretty and have now been hidden away until we go in August so they don't get spoilt by being tryed on a dozen times a day!

  10. What beautiful dresses, love the one on the left.

    Thanks for linking up


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