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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Raskullz - Funky safety gear for kids

So it's nearly summer, the sun is shining, the kids are all playing outside on the ever increasing number of whizzy wheeled things   - oh hang on, it's not - it's lashing down with rain again and they're moaning they're bored - again!

Well if the sun should ever decide to return to our shores (and probably even if it doesn't or you might strangle the little darlings) those kids will soon be out on their bikes, scooters, skateboards and anything else that has wheels and goes whizz. The problem with these wonderful objects is that you have to try and persuade the little loves to wear a safety helmet to help prevent nasty accidents should they decide to go a little (much) too fast or do a quadruple front back double flip flap or some such manoeuvre.

Now my two, being clipboard wheeling, mustn't break the rules, girls, are reasonably easy to persuade that they should wear a helmet but it does have to look good! This is where the new Raskullz range of safety helmets from Ozbozz comes in. They are funky, cool, comfy AND celebrity endorsed. They come in a bunch of wild and wacky designs that kids love including the pink Unicorn which is Little Miss Sunshine's helmet of choice, as well as a Shark, a Mohican and a Ladybug.

Unicorn on arrival

Only bit of packaging
 Our Unicorn Raskullz helmet arrived pleasantly free of excessive packaging with just the cardboard tag and some instructions in a clear plastic bag. The instructions are fairly simple and it is reasonably easy to adjust - certainly no more difficult than other similar helmets. They can all be a bit fiddly to get right to start with. My only slight criticism is that there is no extra padding included. Little Miss Sunshine is on the smaller end of the size range and the helmet does slip slightly. Looking around on the old interweb it seems that in America the helmets are supplied with some extra padding and it would be good if they could do that here.

Other than that we love our new Unicorn helmet. It is light and comfortable and gets us noticed everywhere! I've lost count of the number of people who have commented, loved the helmet and asked where we got it from which of course pleases my little show off no end!

scooting to school

just starting

going faster

and faster!
 It is now part of the kit in the scoot to and from school and we even managed to sneak out between showers for a bike ride at the weekend. Little Miss Sunshine is still on her balance bike as she hasn't quite grasped pedalling yet (ie can't be bothered to pedal!) but when she does graduate to a 'proper' bike it's good to know that she will be safe with her Unicorn helmet. Mind you she goes at a fair pace on the balance bike now - downhill!


Downhill is the best!

The RASKULLZ collection of helmets from OZBOZZ is available now and retails at around £19.99 each.  Stockists include Toys R Us and JD Williams.  For more information visit and visit their Facebook page for offers and promotions.

I was sent a Raskullz safety helmet for free for this review from Blog-match but I have received no other payment or incentive and the review is all my own opinions.

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