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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

See it Snap it Love it - Water

I was the proud winner of the See it Snap it Love it Red theme two weeks ago (puffs out chest with pride) and so I got to choose this weeks theme. My first reaction on being told I'd won was wow - and then panic as to what theme to choose.

I was sitting in my usual blogging spot on the sofa and happened to glance over at our aquarium and so the water theme was born! As it turns out I couldn't really have chosen a better theme for this week as possibly one of the wettest weeks ever so hopefully everyone has had lots of chance to take photos of water!

I have already posted a watery themed photo this week but with these photos I had fun playing with picmonkey. They are actually large drops of rain water on on some garlic plants in our veg patch.

To join in just head on over to My Beautiful Boy by clicking on this image:


  1. Oooh, I love the editing you've done and the filters you've added, especially on the last one. There is just so much detail.
    And yes, definitely a good theme choice for this week. Fingers crossed someone picks sunshine or summer or hot over the next few weeks and it has the same effect on the weather.
    Thanks for linking up again again. X

  2. I love big drops of rain on grass like that lovely edits :)

  3. Beautiful pictures and love the editing you've done too! Isn't PicMonkey great? xx

  4. Wow, stunning photos. I love the B&W effect, changes it completely.

  5. Wow, they are amazing! Well done x

  6. Can't believe how different the editing makes them look! I've gone for water on plants this week too! :o)

  7. Amazing pics! I really love the last one. I better get my creative hat on for this challenge lol :)

  8. Gorgeous pics. Love the last one, great detail :)

  9. lovely droplet photos. love the idea of an aquarium :)


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