Rollercoaster Mum: Respect and Rounders - 52 Photo Project - Week 25


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Respect and Rounders - 52 Photo Project - Week 25

This week has been an odd one as can be expected. Everything has been tinged with sadness and the girls have been somewhat difficult - to be expected I guess.

 Not only are we coping with our grief but we are also doing up Little Miss Sunshine's bedroom - a long planned project that we could not really cancel once the plasterer was booked. Our little house is groaning at the seams with one room out of action with toys and furniture stuffed in every conceivable corner. It has also meant that Little Miss Sunshine has had to share bedrooms - first with big sister (which just didn't work out as they had so little space and she kept falling off the z bed thing) and now with us which has meant that nobody has slept that well - aggravated by the girls and I suffering from horrid colds.

We did have some happy moments too. Little Miss Sunshine and I went to her Little Squirrels group and had a lovely happy afternoon but the pictures this week have to be about Little Miss Star. She was awarded her class's RESPECT badge this week - a great honour (but I do wish she showed a bit more of it at home!)

She was also picked a few weeks ago to play Rounders for her school in her year's team. I am not convinced how good she (or any of them) were but she had to go as I was never picked to represent the school at sport  - ever - being a total dunce at sport. It turned out to be a rare sunny afternoon and Little Miss Sunshine and I sat on a rug, had a picnic and cheered and shouted with other mums and dads. The photo shows one shot I think she actually hit - bless her!

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  1. A lovely photo! Im decorating too - so disruptive but all worth it in the end.

  2. i used to love playing rounders but was always slightly worried about getting hit in the face by the ball!! lovely photo x

  3. I was picked for the school rounders team and I never understood why - I couldn't catch, run OR hit the ball. Had great fun playing though :)

  4. Lovely images, well done on getting the badge xxx

  5. A lovely photo, she looks like she's putting her all into it. So sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for linking up


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