Rollercoaster Mum: School, Squirrels and Sport - 52 Photo Project - Week 27


Sunday, 8 July 2012

School, Squirrels and Sport - 52 Photo Project - Week 27

It's been hectic again this week. We are slowly coming to terms with my step-father passing away and this in itself means more of my week is taken up with 'phone calls and communication with my mother. (I've probably spoken to her more in the last few weeks than in the previous few months.) We are still doing up Little Miss Sunshine's room (photos to follow eventually), although she did move back into it this week (and thankfully off our bedroom floor!) This week though has had two main events for the girls. These may not be the best photos but they are ones that mean the most.

Smallest had her last ever Little Squirrels pre-school group at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. We have been going to this group for over two years and have had lots of fun - many muddy puddles have been jumped in and much glue stuck on fingers. The last one was celebrated with a teddy bears picnic (unfortunately inside due to the never ending sodding rain this summer), a teddy trail, nature bingo walk, paper flower making and most important of all her first ever certificate for being a Super Little Squirrel. We will miss it and it is the first step towards school next year. If anyone lives nearby with little ones I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go.

Biggest had her sports and Olympic week at school and despite the rain many events still went ahead (except for Sports Day!) The most important event that she took part in was the My2012 finals day at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. This event was the culmination of a project organised in East Hampshire and involving 44 state schools across the county. There were 4000 children at the event which was the sporting finale of a cultural and sporting year. Biggest was there to join in with the opening ceremony and their group (or cluster) dance. I could write loads about it but if you want to know more have a look at the My2012 website. The important thing was she got the chance to take part in a huge event and she got an enormous medal!

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  1. Her picture with the medal is great! :)

  2. What a sweet smile - and I hope next week has a happier start

  3. Sounds like a very busy week. They do look proud of themselves (and rightly so).

  4. Double reasons to be proud! A perfect link up. Well done to both of them.

  5. Both looking very happy and had a lovely week.

  6. Such beautiful and happy faces. So proud of themselves, rightly so.

    Thanks for linking up


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