Rollercoaster Mum: Back to School - 52 Photo Project - Week 37


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Back to School - 52 Photo Project - Week 37

What a week! Actually I don't feel like writing it about it much. It started off OK. Little Miss Sunshine had her first proper half day at school and we took the obligatory picture. She seems to like it so far - although I think that it's sinking in that she has to go everyday and she's maybe not so keen on that so we shall see.

We made marzipan toadstools for a bit of fun that afternoon which she loved making but didn't love eating so much - you can see a pic on Silent Sunday (or over at my facebook page). The rest of the week was mainly work for me and school for the girls. I did escape to Blogcamp on Thursday which was rather exciting to actually meet some real life bloggers! However it has also mean that the OH has hardly talked to me since  (don't ask) so I am ending the week feeling just a tad fragile and a wee bit depressed.

This picture cheers me up though - my beautiful schoolgirls.

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  1. Gorgeous pic. Sorry to hear you're feeling down. Hugs to you x

  2. They certainly look ready there for the back to school morning.

  3. Oh I'm sorry that you have had a rough end to the week, I hope Blogcamo was fun, I went to the Birmingham one last year and it was amazing! That is a gorgeous photo, they look really smart and grown up!

  4. Sorry to hear you didn't have a great end to the week. I went to the Bham blogcamp last year and learnt loads and met so many people. Lovely picture of your girls.

  5. They look like they loved school!

    Sorry your having a bit of a down week, i hope next week is better :)

  6. My goodness they look sweet. Sorry te rest of the week wasn't so

  7. Sorry about your rubbish week! But that asides, your two girls look as pretty as a picture in their red uniforms x

  8. The girls look lovely! Hope next week is better x

  9. love the colours of the school uniform, ours is a horrible chocolate brown

  10. What beautiful girls you have! And it's only just sinking into my head that I have to go to school almost every day too, so I empathise with her!

    Thanks for linking up


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