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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Caution Flying Objects! Fly Trap Game by Esdevium - Review

Perhaps I should have titled this post flying madness or how to deal with flies in your house! What's all this about I hear you ask? Well we were sent a new game called Fly Trap! by Esdevium games for the Rainbow Toy Awards to test recently and so I have had to dodge small flying plastic objects on a regular basis, along with listening to peals of laughter.

You may gather from this that the game is lots of fun. I have to admit that it's not the sort I would usually buy (I tend to err on the educational side when looking at games - boring, pushy mum that I am!). It is more one of those plastic but fun games that kids always pester you to put on their Christmas list. When I've had these in the past they haven't worked that well and tend to gather dust on the shelf, however the girls do seem to like this one.

Basically it's a plastic, battery operated (more on them later) Venus Fly trap monster thing that you flick plastic flies into the mouth while other players try to stop you or flick more flies in than you. The beauty of it is that it is as it says really suitable from 4 years up to adult (yes I have been inveigled into playing it too) and you can play a whole game in about 10 minutes or less. Perfect if they want a quick play before tea or bed.

The downsides were that it did not mention that it takes four AA (yes four...) batteries on the box which I would be quite upset about if I had bought it for Christmas. This and although the flicky things work well there are also two pump attachments which are meant to shut the mouth so some players can try to stop the flies going in which do not work that well (mouth kept getting stuck open) - but to be honest you can still play without these and enjoy the game.

On the whole it was lots of fun and if your kids like this kind of thing then it's worth putting it on the Christmas list (though maybe try and find it for slightly less than the RRP of £19.99 which I thought was bit steep) and don't forget the batteries!

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  1. its amazing how many of us want "educational " games, but I suppose they are learning turn taking, colours and counting with this so can still be educational


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