Rollercoaster Mum: Daddy's away - Project 52 - Week 40


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Daddy's away - Project 52 - Week 40

It's been busier still this week as Rollercoaster Dad has been off gallivanting with work. He left on Monday night and is yet to return (although this is imminent!) I say it has been busier still but realistically on the home front it doesn't make much difference! The girls have missed him but other than having to remember to feed the fish I haven't had a lot more to do which probably says more about our normal like than the week away...

It was Children's Book Week at school and the school did a fantastic job of making it exciting for the kids with people reading stories and visiting authors and poets. At home we've made jam, done Hama beads, done the artwork for the school Christmas cards, been apple picking, done autumn walks, been to birthday parties and made biscuits - just about squeezing on watching Strictly!

My favourite photo of the week has to be this of the girls when we were apple picking at the local Blackmoor Estate.

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  1. Beautiful girls! They look so happy and carefree.

    Thanks for linking up

  2. Gorgeous picture and sounds like a good week x

  3. my OH works away three days each week and i am the same apart from bedtime which he will help with, the rest of the time makes no odds hat he is away!
    anyway, its a really lovely photo of the two of them - they look very close and like they are great friends. and enjoy having fun together x

    1. haha - looks can be deceptive - most of the time they argue like mad!

  4. That is one monster apple! Definitely needs two people to carry it!

  5. just to say hi - just found your blog and i love the name "rollercoaster mum" - it's fantastic! also fab photos x

  6. making the most of autumn harvest, nice to do that


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