Rollercoaster Mum: First School (Halloween) Disco - Project 52 - Week 41


Saturday, 13 October 2012

First School (Halloween) Disco - Project 52 - Week 41

Well what a dull week - as are most weeks as parents really. Rollercoaster Dad returned safely bearing gifts which the girls wrestled off him as soon as he set foot in the door. After that, well it was work and wet weather for pretty much the rest of the week.

Until Friday when the weather brightened, the sun came out again and the school Halloween disco arrived. This is not in itself an exciting event (personally I think of school discos as a form of purgatory - ghastly), but for Little Miss Star it was her first school disco ever and therefore a BIG event. The theme was Halloween so duly dressed up as a witch she set off to dance, eat sweets and wave a glow stick around whilst I endured the Halloween hell of a school disco full of 50 or so infant school kids with not a drop of booze in sight.

Being the first one however, photos were in order and I have pimped up my favourite one a bit with the fab picmonkey Halloween bits n pieces. I was going to pimp her up good and proper to make her look scary but I couldn't -she just looked too adorable! (I will have to find another photo to do that with!) If anyone is wondering where Little Miss Star is, she was at a friends and going to the 'big girls' Junior disco so I didn't get any photos of her!

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  1. Bet she loved the disco, what a lovely photo with the cob webs in front too.

  2. lovely photo, your little witch is so cute, hope she enjoyed the disco. Our school won't let us do a halloween disco, miserable lot!!!

  3. Love the costume (and the editing).

  4. Brilliant! I love the special effects too!

  5. awww she looks so pretty and not very scary or Halloween like really! i hope she enjoyed her disco and i bet you are glad that Daddy is home once more x

  6. Thank you - she did love the disco and I had lots of fun with the special effects!

  7. That is the cutest and least scary witch ever! She looks great

  8. Gorgeous photo, she looks so excited about her first disco. Loving the cobwebs too! x

  9. SHe looks fantastic in her witch's outfit, love the added picmonkey bits and pieces.

    Thanks for linking up


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