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Friday, 12 October 2012

Guest Post - Flowers - the Perfect Birthday Present

Birthdays only come round once a year, as does every other special occasion. This means that you have all bar one day of the year to think of an ideal birthday gift, but it can be hard to think of something that special someone in your life would like to receive, or can it? Some gifts from interflora work really well for special occasions, and birthdays are no exception. Birthdays should be a lot of fun, and an enjoyable gift needs to be perfect.

For birthdays, some types of gift are ideal, while others just aren’t quite right. As it’s one of the most important days of the year, any gifts you decide to buy shouldn’t be small and disposable: they should be grand, unique and beautifully presented like Interflora flowers and gifts, perfect, as, at their best, they’re great to look at, long lasting and incredibly fragrant, but which flowers are best to give as birthday presents?

I think that roses are the best flowers to give as a gift for any occasion, even as interflora anniversary gifts. They look great in a crystal vase, last for at least a couple of weeks and really brighten up a room. Lilies are also great, as they look pretty in a vase too, and they come in a variety of colours, but I’m also partial to a lovely mixed bouquet containing a number of different flower types. A bold, colourful bouquet is perhaps the best thing you can buy a loved one if they like flowers, as a bunch of limp tulips from a 24-hour petrol station just isn't good enough.

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