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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Save,save,save (and free next day delivery) with Amazon Family

OK, so I admit it, this is a review but when I was approached to review the new Amazon Family I leapt at the chance. I am a bit of a fan of Amazon (you could almost say it is a guilty pleasure!) It is often the first place I go to look for not only books, but toys, music, clothes and just stuff for the home and garden. The prices are more than competitive and you know they are safe and reliable which can sometimes be questionable on some of them t'internet shopping sites.

Amazon box
There's nothing like getting a parcel from Amazon! 

Anyhoos what is all this Amazon Family lark? Well it is a new membership programme for parents of young children with fantastic benefits like:

At least £50 worth of exclusive offers every month.
FREE one day delivery on millions of items with Amazon Prime
£10 if you spend £50 in their Baby Store.

So how much does it cost to join Amazon Family?

Well this is the best bit - it's completely FREE (yes I did say FREE) for three months and you can cancel anytime which with it coming up to Christmas makes it a complete no brainer if you have little ones. Once your three months is up you will be charged £49/year which is the same as for Amazon Prime but you get all the added benefits as well. If you already have Amazon Prime they will add these to your current membership.

Examples of the exclusive offers that they have this month are:

  A free Tommee Tippee nappy bin when you buy a 3-pack of cassettes
  40% off Plum baby food
  20% off selected Huggies nappies
  20% off children’s shoes
  £10 off Medela Harmony manual breast pump
  25% off Kit for Kids mattresses
  20% off Grace Cole toiletries
  20% off Mam Breast Care products

Admittedly many of the Amazon Family offers are tailored to slightly younger families than ours as it is aimed at families with kids aged under 5 and Little Miss Sunshine only just falls into that category. However I was still tempted by 20% off kids shoes, the 20% off Grace Cole toiletries (that's the start of the MIL's Xmas present!) and a rather lovely Melissa and Doug Alphabet Stamp Set with 25% off. If you are pregnant or have younger children there are literally tons of offers. They also suggest joining a subscription service (also free) for stuff that you need regularly like nappies.

Undoubtedly the best bit of Amazon Family for me is the free next day delivery as I am always on the margins of disorganisation. I have already made use of this by purchasing a great birthday pressie for one of Little Miss Star's friends when she was off to a party at the weekend, previously I would be found trekking round the shops the day before the party! I will be making full use of this feature in the run up to Christmas and Little Miss Sunshine's birthday which is also approaching. 

The site is pretty simple to use if you are familiar with Amazon. I did get slightly confused by the discount codes to start with but once you know what to expect it's easy peasy. My only criticism is that I would expect the Amazon site to recognise that I was a member when I logged in without using the Amazon Family links but this is a new programme for them and this may happen eventually.

If you'd like to give Amazon Family a try just take a look here.


Oh and they even have a facebook page where you can keep up with their latest offers.

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