Rollercoaster Mum: Words, weather and Gold! - Project 52 - Week 42


Sunday, 21 October 2012

Words, weather and Gold! - Project 52 - Week 42

At one point this week I thought I was going to be publishing yet another rain soaked picture because that was about all that was happening - rain, rain and more rain. I was about to start work on an ark when yay - Little Miss Sunshine bounced (or should I say floated) out of school to say she had been given books with words - real words - not just pictures of Floppy - hurrah! However I came back to earth with a bump splash and realised that a picture of a Kipper, Biff and Chip book wasn't exactly the most exciting of subjects - maybe I could take a photo of it floating over the fields?

We have been saved however by Little Miss Star who has by far the most exciting news of the week. She was in Achievers Assembly and this being her 10th Achievers certificate she was to get her Gold card - Halleluiah!

Gold card

Now the kids at school love the whole achievers thing but parents (and me in particular) are more than a little unconvinced by the whole shennanigans. Many kids seem to be put in achievers for pretty spurious reasons like sitting nicely on the carpet or doing some good gluing (I realise not all kids can be academic but when the majority get it for such things what message does it send my quiet but industrious, slightly above average but not super wonderful daughter and others like her - eventually they may give up trying).

I don't know the answer but as a reward system it has major failings - some of the louder kids definitely get more awards and it really does not seem fair. I have been campaigning for house points - they could be adapted so the achievers certificates still happened and as long as house points were given for effort and good behaviour as well as good work then I cannot see why our school should not reintroduce them. They have worked for years and years in schools and if they are good enough for Hogwarts - well - 'nuff said! (Some wishy washy thoughts on being non-competetive is probably to blame but lets face it life is competetive and kids should just get used to it.) Oh and I am very proud of Little Miss Star despite my misgivings about the system.

Right rant over and the pic was a collage in the end - and if you want rain soaked pictures see Silent Sunday!  The rain pics are probably better photos but Project 52 is about what is important to us not so much a brilliant photo!

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  1. aww congrats on the Gold Card, I bet you and her were really proud.

  2. A proud mummy moment, but I know what you mean about getting reward schemes right. H regularly comes home with stickers and when I ask he has no clue what he did to earn them.

  3. Well done on the gold card that's very good and a proud mummy moment indeed. Sounds like you are very passionate about the points system at school. Worthy rant and wise words x

  4. Some schools don't seem to get it right do they? Wholeheartedly agree with your comment 'life is competetive and kids should just get used to it'
    Even when playing at home they shouldn't win everytime!

  5. It is difficult to get the balance between building self esteem and nurturing a competitive spirit. At least your little one seems rightfully proud of herself

  6. Well done her for getting a certificate.

    Thanks for linking up

  7. That is a great photo and I agree, this project is the important things. I know what you mean about the achievement thing though and my seven year old doesn't get certificates very often and gets really cross about it!

  8. Well done Little Miss Star! :)

  9. well done, great award. Yes my younger daughter use to get annoyed cos the naughty kids who behaved for a day would get a reward. her who was good 5 days a week week in week out got nothing. Not much of an incentive to be good really

  10. I wouldn't worry about the gold awards and achievers, kids are what they are and if you have a girl inclined to try it is in her nature and she won't give up just because someone else was recognized for an easier achievement.

  11. I know what you mean. My daughter was class 'star of the week' after only 3 weeks of being at school. When asked why she was the class star she replied, "I don't know". Go figure. Doesn't stop me being proud though ;-)


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