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Monday, 26 November 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

I didn't get around to posting last week as just too busy so I am determind to this week even if the photos aren't the best - and I am a little late again!

1. Home or Thankful
These are the papercraft homes that the girls and I made at the Family Art Workshop where I was very thankful to spend some rare quality time with them

2. In the Kitchen
5 root soup
In the kitchen making 5 root soup from our home grown (although small) Jerusalem Artichokes harvested last week

3. Couples
Our anniversary cards to each other on our anniversary today - a celebration that we are still a couple!

4. Bubbles
Bubbles from the washing up bowl - which I seem to have seen a lot of this weekend after lots of cooking (also in the kitchen!)

5. Trees
oak leaves
Wet leaves that have fallen from the trees in their thousands the last few days with all the wet and windy weather we have been having here in the UK.
If you would like to see what other pictures people collected or would like to join in - pop on over to Rambling & Photos just click on the badge.
 Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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  1. yay for quality craft time!~ love your oak leaves shot! ;)


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