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Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Photographers New Years Resolution

It's a new year and so I should be full of New Year's Resolutions but to be honest I don't really do all that stuff. I do have a couple of things I would like to get accomplished that mainly involve sorting and tidying (oh so dull.) One of the rather more interesting (although very time consuming) tasks is to sort all those thousands of photos I now take. I know you can delete loads when you have a digital camera but as a bit of a hoarder I find it difficult to do even that. I would also like to do more with them a most are sat in files on the laptop with a few making it to the ipad and even fewer on here to my blog. It would be so nice to see them in the flesh - not something I do enough of in the digital age.

Enter a very kind offer from Snapfish - which I really should have blogged about before Christmas but I ran out of time so I figured that lots of people would have Christmas and New Year pictures which really really should be printed out - you know you have don't you peeps? Or maybe just a new year's resolution to get  those photos sorted and pictures from that summer holiday last year printed out.

Anyhoo back to Snapfish. They are an online digital photo printing service where you can order photo prints and gifts like mugs, photobooks, calendars, bookmarks, cards, keyrings and all sorts. It is also quite a handy place to store photos and file them in folders - although I would always back them up on your own hard drive  as well.

They very kindly gave me some credit to buy whatever I wanted from their site. I had used them before in their previous guise of Truprint so I had some photos uploaded already on to an account but I did need to update them and add some more and I was pleased to see that the upload speed was much faster than it used to be (although this could be to do with my 'pooter or broadband as well I guess). Once I had uploaded the photos what to do with them? I opted for a small photobook on our Olympic day out to give the girls something to remember it by, a nice mug with a picture of the girls for my Mum, some keyrings for various relatives and a funky 3D bookmark for me, there was even a bit left over to print out a few photos to put in frames and albums too. This seemed like pretty good value and the best bit about gifts like these is that people really appreciate the thought that goes into them and you finally get to see those digital images in real life!

My goodies from Snapfish - sorry about the rubbish photo (ironically) but I had to snap them quickly before I wrapped them!

I was really impressed with all my purchases and they were very easy to create on the website too. The photobook did take some time (you can do quick uploads and no words and it would be easy) but there is so much you can do to personalise it with different backgrounds, text, changing the layout etc that it is worth taking the time to get it right. So come on get those photos sorted and printed, get a calendar done for the kitchen if nobody bought you one already, a photobook for Grandma for Mothers Day and a mug for Dad's birthday. You might actually get to sort through some of those old memories at the same time which should be a really enjoyable New Years resolution!

If you want to give Snapfish a try they offer 20 free prints on your first upload and they currently have a winter sale on with 50% off photobooks, calendars, wall art and mugs which is a brilliant deal.

Disclaimer : I was given a voucher to spend on the Snapfish website for the purposes of review but all words and opinions are my own.

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