Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 10


Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 10

This week was like the weather - started out sunny and got progressively more and more shit. I was going to say more but lets just say I'm looking to swap two kids and a husband for a dog - any offers?

I was going to post lots of lovely pics of our trip to RHS Wisley and the butterflies in the glasshouse but quite frankly I cannot be arsed, so here's a picture of the children taken at Wisley, before I put them on ebay. If you want to see a pretty butterfly check out my Silent Sunday tomorrow and you never know, I might resurrect the pictures another time.


Oh and here's one of the crappy weather - fog.

ghostly tree

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  1. Those are ace pictures, what's happened to make the week so poo?

    thanks for linking

  2. You can have mine. I supect you will regret the deal!

  3. nice photos.
    i prefer to keep the dog!

  4. i love the cuddle on the bench! i am sick of this weather :-(

  5. Great pics (but I'm keeping the dog ;) - I love Wisley - somebody mentioned SNOW this week - I refuse to believe it!

  6. Two wonderful, very different photos. Love them both. The children on the bench is captivating! Did you get much for them on ebay? Shame I didn't know, I would have have bid for them! Lol

  7. oh no whats happened? its a lovely photo and i think you would get a lot of bids on e-bay for the pair of them ;0
    hope next week is better x

  8. As it's Mothers Day I'm sure your lovely children have shown you how much they love you! Are you feeling guilty now for trying to e-bay them?


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