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Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 9

This week started with big goodbyes to people off to far away lands, encompassed chaotic playdates where plans went awry, return to routine, lunches with friends and ended with vomiting (euughh- again!)

None of this however was captured on camera so this week here are some pics of the clever stuff that my oldest girl Little Miss Star gets up to (she hasn't got that arty crafty gene from me that's for sure!) Oh and some chocolate heaven for Little Miss Sunshine!

kids drawinghand sewn owl

Above is her drawing of her and some of the family with the fairy sprinkling fairy dust! She has just discovered sewing as well and she did this little owl all on her own.

London Blitz
My favourite - St. Paul's Cathedral in the Blitz by Little Miss Star aged 7
She did this all of her own accord, taking less time than it took me to bath Little Miss Sunshine!

chocolate heaven
Chocolate heaven!

 I am linking up with the Boy and Me and those brave 365 peeps - so for the last of the February photos head on over there by clicking the badge.

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  1. Wow! Actually WOW! She's an amazing artist, so talented.

    Thanks for linking up these beautiful photos.

  2. Great photos. Your little girl sounds like my niece - she can create art from nothing, never ceased to amaze me! Your daughter's art is great, I love that little owl!

  3. that pencil drawing is amazing, such detail. Like the family drawing as well, but love the chocolate on the nose

  4. wow it looks like you have a budding artist on your hands. Fantastic work x

  5. Brilliant art work! And that's a gorgeous photo with the chocolate :)

  6. What a very talented daughter! and every girl has to have a chocolate fix :-)

  7. what a mix bag of a week!! your daughters drawings and sewing skills are really very good - wow! and the chocolate photo made me smile x

  8. A creative and talented little girl. Hope the sickness bug has left whoever was inflicted?

  9. You have a very talented artist on your hands (and crafter).
    Lovely work :-)

  10. What an arty week you seem to have had. She does have a natural flair.

  11. That sketch is really good. I'm impressed!


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