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Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 14

It's been all about boats this week - from the Cutty Sark on a cheeky weekend away in Greenwich to HMS Victory on a chilly, snowy, (supposedly) spring day out in Portsmouth. Add a smattering of family, a surfeit of chocolate and a spot of hair styling and that was fearsomely frozen (for April - yes April FFS ) Week Fourteen.

Under the Cutty Sark

hair braids
Hair styling 

HMS Victory by Little Miss Star (with her noo camera!)

Which is more scary - the girls or the cannon?!
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  1. i cannot believe it is April already either!
    your daughters hair is lovely - so pretty.
    i have visited HMS Victory not for many years mind you, but i loved exploring it.i like the final photo with your girls and all those canons! x

  2. i love boats and really loved it when we visited HMS Victory years ago. x

  3. Great photo's. Both ships I have visited many a time! The restoration of the Cutty Sark looks amazing x

  4. Great pictures on Victory - we went the other year and it was fabulous. That said I think my boy preferred Warrior. Not seen the Cutty Sark recently so may be due a return visit.

  5. great photo off the underneath of the cutty sark and to think it was nearly burned down

  6. Wow I love the photo Under the Cutty Sark. The girls with the cannons was great too. I am your newest GFC.
    Have a great Sunday,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  7. Great picture under the Cutty Sark - the people look so tiny. I'm sure the girls had a great time exploring HMS Victory - your girls look lovely not scary at all!

  8. That picture under the cutty sark is amazing! I really fancy a trip to see it myself.
    I love the photo if the girls with the cannons too. The cannons are definitely the most scary though :-)

  9. wow that picture from under the cutty sark is just amazing love all the lines and angels. Love the one that Little Miss Star took, well done


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