Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 15


Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 15

The second week of the Easter holidays and it started with optimism,sunshine and a weekend spent out in the garden (yes, the shiny yellow thing in the sky actually made an appearance.) 

Little Miss Star's belated birthday treat was the main event. We went to see Louis Pearl the Amazing Bubble Man which was excellent and thoroughly recommended if you have kids about 7 - 11. It has been downhill since then despite my attempts to entertain with cookery and gardening and now a week later the rain is falling in buckets. Time to go back to school I think (although I could do without those blasted pack lunches.)

Possibly my favourite picture this week was Little Miss Star helping out in the garden but I used that for The Gallery's theme of Happy, so here's a couple of others.

PS - please ignore badges and things being in funny places on the blog - trying to streamline it a bit but taking time 'cause of them darn rugrats!

The Spring, Havant
The Amazing Bubble Man - pictures a bit blurry as I couldn't use the flash.
kneading bread
Kneading the bread (which was unfortunately disastrous, I blame the out of date yeast!)
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  1. i really like the photo of your daughter rolling out the dough
    and we have been to a party where a bubble man performed - such a great show to sit sand watch. who knew so many tricks with bubbles could be done! x

  2. really love the pictures with the bubbles :-)

  3. Love the idea of a bubble man - never heard of such a thing before.

  4. Me love the bubble man, I've never seen a bubble man before

  5. Very impressive bubbles! It's a shame the bread didn't come out as planned - maybe next time.

  6. we managed a few years back to get the kids training with our local bubble man, who use to train just round the corner. it is amazing what they can do, try again with the bread, we all have disasters.

  7. The bubble man looks like a lot of fun!

  8. Wow, a bubble man! I never knew this existed, I bet it was amazing!

  9. Those bubbles are quite amazing, The Boy would love to see a bubble show like that.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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