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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Macro Monday - all about herbs

I love herbs, I'm not sure why you wouldn't really - the glorious smell, fantastic foliage and some even have pretty flowers which the bees all love. We have recently built a new herb bed just outside the back door in an awkward corner of the patio which I have great hopes for as it is a lovely sunny spot and it's fab to be able to just open the door and pick some herbs when you need them for cooking. So far we have thyme, sage and parsley in it along with basil and coriander seedlings just waiting to be planted. Elsewhere in the garden we have bronze fennel, mint, chive, golden marjoram and a rather poorly rosemary.

I thought I would double up this week, linking with Macro Monday and Mammasurus's fab new linky on how does your garden grow - so not all the pics are macros today.

herb border
The new herb bed (complete with umbrella also planted in it!)

Bronze Fennel

The flower head on a chive

garden mint
Mint growing in an old strawberry pot

Golden Oregano
Golden Marjoram (or Oregano)  - we have an enormous clump of this that comes back year after year and later has pretty blue/purple flowers that the bees adore.
Curly leaf parsley
thyme leaf
Golden thyme

Sage leaf
Variegated sage
chive flowers
A forest of chives


Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

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