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Friday, 14 June 2013

Help! It's Father's Day...

It is, it's this weekend. I can't believe it - there was me sauntering back from our holiday thinking I'd got  a good two weeks to come up with some Father's day inspiration and it slaps me across the face. It's on Sunday - eeek!

Now to be honest, we're not big on Father's Day on this house - a card and maybe a small homemade present suffices (and he should thank himself lucky to get that after the Mother's Day debacle this year.) In previous years I have mainly relied on childminder, nursery, Rainbows, Brownies and even school to provide these homemade delights, therefore abdicating me completely from the dreaded 'craft' and making things. Typically however only one of these has produced the goods this year  (thank you Brownies) leaving Little Miss Sunshine (and me) in the lurch on the present front and no cards at all. Enter Blue Peter *drum roll please* (for those of you not from the UK this is a kids programme on the BBC that has been going longer than me and is famed for it's makes').

Father's Day card
Father's Day cards
The girls were catching up on their TV watching after the enforced abstinence on holiday and I heard those magic words ' today we are making a Father's Day card'. I immediately stopped all pretence of ironing and sat down to watch. The biggest miracle was that you didn't need pipe cleaners, plastic bottles or any specialist equipment - merely a couple of bits of card, some glue, scissors and pens/pencils - even I can manage that level of craft. Yippee! They soon clamoured to make one and after hunting down the card and glue (although to be honest you could use paper and sellotape if  it's Saturday night and you're desperate) we  sat down and made the cards. The results you can see below and the best part is the little pull down bit - really quite clever (and Dadish). For details on how to make them head on over to the Blue Peter website - it really is very easy.

Father's Day card
Little Miss Sunshine demonstrating her card
Now for a present from Little Miss Sunshine  - slightly harder this one and I may just opt for buying something. I'm sure she may have her own wonderfully unfeasible ideas but I reckon a new app or a couple of new songs for the iPod will do the trick - that's the beauty of the internet - you can do last minute gifts that don't even require delivery.

Of course if the whole Father's Day thing is a big thing for you but you've still left it until the last minute there's  always online vouchers for a whole manner of things from experience days, days out, courses, trips and even goods and if it doesn't have a  voucher you could always make one.

We do often go out for a bit of a day trip - nothing fancy just a picnic and some games and I had planned (yes I had actually planned this bit) that we might go to a National Trust place or similar and do the picnic thing, fly a kite and all that but looking at the weather forecast letting him choose a film on the telly looks like a top plan at the moment.

Whatever you do - have fun and Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!  

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