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Friday, 26 July 2013

How does Grandma's Garden grow?

This week I thought I would give you a taste of Grandma Rollercoaster's garden which is far far superior to mine. We don't visit as often as we should but the girls were there last weekend and Rollercoaster Dad and I made a fleeting visit on Sunday after living it large at the Mumford and Sons Gentleman of the Road festival. Grandma's small walled garden was a perfect place to chill out and adjust to a return to reality.

There is a profusion of colourful flowers (very different from our garden - no profusion there as yet!)

Walled garden

Walled garden

Orange dahlias

A smallish but perfectly formed veg patch and a greenhouse that turns Rollercoaster Dad green with envy - as does the height of the Runner Beans - it's like Jack and the Beanstalk!

veg patch

Some of my favourite flowers are the fuchsias - so like little ballerinas.

Fuchsia flowers

And these candy striped Phlox - the furled buds look like little ice-cream cones.

candy striped Phlox flowers

The Hydrangea flowers are all enormous and I love the ones with the lacy edges.

white lace Hydrangea flowers

This Allium seed head is pretty impressive too.

Giant Allium seed head

 Peaceful though it was there were signs of the grandchildren dotted around!

The Faraway Tree in the garden

But no doubt peace has now returned and the fountain will be burbling quietly to the fish once more...

Lavender by the fountain

Do I have garden envy? - just a tad!

Linking up with How Does my Garden Grow as usual which is hosted by the lovely Helvetia Handmade this week as Mammasaurus is gadding about on a holiday (really - how could she!!) Do go over and pay her a visit to see all those other lovely gardens.

Helvetia Handmade


  1. wow what a lovely garden. I do love the fuchsias, they do look like little ballerinas. Also I love the hydrangea, something I used to think was really old fashioned but I now really love. Thanks for sharing and linking up

  2. Absolutely stunning pictures. I love fuchsias and always think some of them look like fairy dresses hanging up to dry! Beautiful xx

  3. After seeing Grandma Rollercoaster's garden, I have garden envy too. It's gorgeous! Loved the one of your sweet little girls, such beautiful smiles!

  4. Wow, amazing colours! I love the dahlias too :)

  5. wow, what a wonderful, colourful garden! It looks so full of fun and vibrancy!


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