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Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 33

The holidays are whizzing by and time seems to have speeded up to about a million miles an hour. Even though this week has been less busy my good intentions to catch up on blogging stuff - reviews need doing, comments not done - have disappeared like a puff of smoke.

We visited Greenwich with the girls last weekend - (our first experience of a Premier Inn and it was pretty good for a family break). We have spent a couple of grown-up weekends here so we've got to know it a bit and the girls loved it. Meals out, trips on the River to 'proper' London, the Cutty Sark, Greenwich Park, buying souvenirs in Greenwich Market and best of all as far as they were concerned the Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames (free too - it's the simple things isn't it?!) They are already clamouring to go back!

loving the Greenwich Foot Tunnel under the Thames
I took so many picture in Greenwich and London that I can't believe I'm showing you one of a tunnel - but they did love running through it - a definite highlight!

Glass domed entrance to Greenwich Foot Tunnel lit up
And here is the rather grand glass domed entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel - I will have to do a separate post on London - one day! 
On Monday night Bigger Miss and I slept out in a tent in the garden for (a slightly delayed) RSPB's Big Wild Sleepout and it was rather lovely listening to the crickets, seeing a bat or two and (for me) Perseid's Meteor shower. The rest of the week was mainly spent catching up on the cleaning and tidying - I even dusted ( I never dust - fully paid up member of the Domestic Sluttery Club me!) The school shoe shopping has been completed (TFFT) and was made bearable by a spot of kite-flying on the way home. Oh and I nearly forgot the 8 hours (yes 8) that we spent at Alice Holt Forest - owned by the Forestry Commission with friends where I even got creative and helped the kids make fairy wands from sticks.

our mini pond at night #homesfornature #beasts
My camera is not up to taking stars so here is our new mini pond for the RSPB's #homesfornature challenge taken during the #BigWildSleepout

Fairy Wands made from sticks at Alice Holt Forest
The fairy wands we made at Alice Holt (falls over at the thought I actually did craft!)

Kite Flying on Butser Hill part of National Trust #50things
Recuperative kite flying after school shoe shopping - one of our #50things for the National Trust
Did I say it hasn't been busy? I must have drunk too much gin!

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  1. your gorgeous girls look a lot alike in the photo near the bottom!
    sounds like a busy week! well done on catching up with the boring domestic duties - i treid to do some friday - took me almost all day just to sort my bedroom out which has become neglected off late! i think gin would have made it more fun tbh!

  2. I love the picture of the girls with their fairy wands! they look super chuffed :-)

  3. Stunning photos, particularly the kite shot. What a lovely way to get some fresh air.

  4. Beautiful photos of your girls looking so happy and such good friends too. Wow what a busy week and well done with the wand making the girls look very pleased with them.

  5. That foot tunnel is amazing and I adore the glass domed entranceway, I bet it felt a little Secret Seven?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. That is so learn something new everyday. I never knew there was a tunnel there! I have been, pre-kids, but now I know that I will have to go back with the kids. You are right, they will love it!


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