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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Windy Country Walk through Fairyland

Before the storm on Sunday Little Miss and I decided to make the most of a bit of dry weather and go for a little explore. She has such a vivid imagination that even a country walk becomes fun (as long as she doesn't get bored or tired!) Bigger Miss was at a sleepover so it was good to have some quality time with Little Miss and this is the (fairy) story of our walk...

country walk
We had found a sycamore seed earlier and watched it fly like a helicopter so Little Miss decided to be a helicopter seed!

fairy cups
Fairy cups and acorns

lots of fairy cups
There were thousands and thousands of fairy cups and acorns to collect

holly berries for Christmas
We found a bush laden with holly berries - hopefully there may be some left for Christmas

golden leaves in the sun
I loved the way the sun caught the golden leaves on this tree

fairy door
Next we entered the part of the wood that the girls call 'Fairyland' and Little Miss had lots of 'her' fairies to release - they were going to tea with their friends in the fairy doors.

reflections of fairyland
Reflections of Fairyland

fungi fairy seats
The fairies have to have lots of seats too of course! 

releasing fairies
Releasing more fairies into the fairy castle - we had a lot of fairies to let go! 

fairy seats
More comfy fairy seats!

prickly chestnut cases
and at the end after a few renditions and variations on 'we're going on a bear hunt' we found some chestnuts hiding in their prickly cases!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. Thanks for taking me on a rather lovely fairy walk!

  2. What a lovely post with beautiful photos. Children's imaginations are wonderful and having them inspired by nature on an adventure is great fun. Thanks for linking up and sharing your outdoor fairy fun with Country Kids.

  3. That's lovely, I love the idea of the fairies going to tea with their friends! Great photos too.

  4. A perfect adventure i say!!! There are so many acorns! How wonderful. We use the fairy cups for little teaparties :) Thank you for linking up to lets have an adventure x


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