Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 41


Saturday, 12 October 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 41

Normal service has been resumed on the blog (I'm blaming the laptop grinding to a halt - again.) Otherwise it's been quiet. We enjoyed a nice afternoon at the a little Woodland Fair at the local nature reserve last weekend. Lots of outdoorsy activities for the kids and all free- yay! Little Miss and I baked some cakes one afternoon and this weekend we did our annual apple (and pear) picking on the lovely Blackmoor Estate. 'Til next week....
clay hedgehogs; pine cone bird feeders
Making clay hedgehogs and pine cone bird feeders at the Woodland Fair

woodland creatures
Don't worry it's not real (well it used to be but it's not any more!) Just showing some of the animals that you can find on the nature reserve

baking fairy cakes for kids
Cooking fairy cakes with Mummy - Little Miss even got to use the electric mixer

pick your own apples, Blackmoor Estate
The apple orchards - Blackmoor Estate

Blackmoor Estate pick your own day
Reaching up to pick the best pears

Pick your own day, Blackmoor Estate
Picking perfect pears

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  1. My goodness that fox looks real!

  2. That fox does look very real - the taxidermist did a great job. The clay hedgehogs do look fun.

  3. i did think to myself how tame that fox is!!
    those clay hedgehogs look good fun and i love your daughetrs cooking hat - what a pro x

  4. Wow I thought that fox was real for a second - looked as if it was enjoying the cuddle! Love the last image, reaching to pick the pears.

  5. I realy thought that fox was real. We have loads near us and they will brazely walk right up to you

  6. those clay hedgehog look fantastic fun x


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