Rollercoaster Mum: A Year in Pictures - Week 42


Saturday, 19 October 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 42

This week has mostly been about me restraining myself from slinging the laptop across the room as it groaned slowly on slower than a sloth. Having tried multiple different fixes I have now updated Java and (cross fingers, touch wood, pray) it seems to be a bit better. It has been very hard keeping up with everything when most of the time I am staring at a blank screen. I have taken a few pictures - mainly of the garden as the rest of the week has been the usual manic routine.

At school Bigger Miss has finally completed some never ending project homework and they had their harvest festival at the local church which sounded lovely but no parents allowed as the church is not big enough! Bigger Miss also visited the Fire Station with the Brownies and had a whale of a time even witnessing a real live call out! No pics of any of this though I'm afraid.

Fairy Party hair
A rare hair do for a party for Little Miss

sunrise shadows
A promising sunrise but 'red sky in the morning - Shepherds Warning'

long winter shadows
Those shadows lengthen as the days get shorter

autumn orange colours on Japanese Acer
Loving the autumnal colour on my Japanese Acer

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  1. Great series of photos! Love the look of Little Miss' hairdo!

  2. That Japanese Acer has a wonderful colour to it. Ours is more of a deep maroon.

  3. I love the autumn colours and that amazing sky

  4. those leaves are such a great colour arent they?and that sky is beautiful. i hope your computer is sorted - sooooo frustrating x

  5. some really beautiful shots honey, how amazing she got to see a real life call out!! amazing x

  6. I love the colours in the last photo and also in the sky photo.

  7. I love shadows at this time of year, make interesting pictures. Love the party hair. and how exciting for them to see the fire engine going out

  8. That red sky picture is simply stunning!!

  9. Gorgeous photos and I love your daughters hair, I would love to do more with A's hair but she won't stay still for long enough


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