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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Apple and Pear Picking at Blackmoor Estate - a picture post

We have been apple (and pear) picking on the beautiful local Blackmoor Estate pretty much every year since we moved here. It is one of those events like Christmas and Easter that is not to be missed and we always seem to get a lovely sunny autumn morning for it which makes for some lovely photos. So here it is apple picking at Blackmoor Estate in pictures (some from this year some from years past):

Bramley apples
Rosy apples

Perfect pears
Perfect Pears! 

apple picking and eating
Little Miss back when she was just 3!

Picking apples - Blackmoor Estate
The Orchards have a wonderful symmetry

the biggest apple ever! Blackmoor estate
Huge apple! 

apple picking Blackmoor estate
Shall I pick this one?

native ladybird
We love a ladybird

having fun apple picking Blackmoor estate
Marching up the rows

Puddling around

The stunning views from the Orchards

Linking up to Country Kids at Coombe Mill:

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  1. Oh I could almost smell the sweet pears and apples at the orchard. There's something special picking fruit with children.

  2. love the jumping in puddles shot. my kids would be doing that too!

  3. How very picturesque! Gorgeous photos of the girls having fun both past and present - where does the time go! The fruit looks gorgeous and the girls looked like they enjoyed their picking outing. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Beautiful photos and it looks so peaceful there. I've never been to a pick your own farm, but I've got plenty of experience climbing up my grandparents' trees and eating fruit straight from the tree ;)

  5. What a great tradition! Those apples look rather yummy even in the pictures!

  6. That fruit looks so good. What a lovely autumnal activity to enjoy together. x

  7. It looks like it was great fun and what lovely sunshine you had.I think it's wonderful to have family traditions like this. I love the shot with the apple and the ladybird.


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