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Thursday, 3 October 2013

How Does Our Garden Grow? - Autumn arrives

I've been a bit slack joining in with this lovely linky lately and I've missed it. The problem was over the summer holidays I just ran out of time and it seems like there hasn't been much to say about the garden. Plants have got a bit bigger, harvests have been taken in, flowers have gone over but photographically it seemed to look much the same for quite a while. However I thought it was about time I showed y'all a few pictures from our little patch - even if it does look rather rough around the edges in an autumnal sort of way. Apologies for a couple of repeat pics from previous posts for anyone who actually comes back and reads my blog more than once!

Rosy red apples
Rosy red ripe apples - we haven't had to buy apples for weeks!

harvest glut
The tomatoes did their usual and got blight although we have a couple left in our not very light greenhouse and so we had to process lots of green tomatoes, some runner beans and a couple of large courgettes - a weekends work a couple of weeks ago.
prairie style planting
And here is the flower bed that was revamped earlier in the year. Looking a bit rough round the edges now but I have high hopes for next year as most of the plants are perennials and should come back bigger and better next year. Since I last showed this I have added 3 grass plants which I got at a local market for the bargain price of a fiver for all three.
sunny yellow pansy
Couldn't resist this sunny yellow pansy making the most of the autumn sunshine - it almost looks like velvet.

sparkling spider's web
OK some of you may have seen the next couple of pics already but I like them so much I'm sharing them again - diamond drops on a spiders web on the washing line - beauty in the mundane

water drop refelections
Magical water droplets on the Fennel

magic fairy fungi
and lastly fabulous fairy fungi (found next to the flower bed)

#homesfornature home for a frog
I couldn't leave this post without sharing this one again - our mini pond that we built in the summer is now home to a real live frog - whoop whoop! All part of the RSPB's #homesfornature

Linking up with the inspirational and very lovely Mammasaurus

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. The frog in your pond is perfect - what a fabulous home for him! The spider web is gorgeous too with the water droplets.

  2. I love that Home to Let for Friendly Frogs - and that you have an occupant! Lovely shots, the dew ones are just smashing. The flowers of Summer may ave gone but the Autumnal garden looks mighty fine too. What a mammoth task you had a in kitchen! Now for the fun bit - eating!

    Thanks for joining in x

  3. Awww He's so cute! In the picture! I just wouldn't want him hopping about my toes!

  4. Fantastic pansy shot and you're right, it really does look like velvet. Good work with all the bottling and preserving, looks delicious :)

  5. I adore the frog pic, he is lovely, and I am v impressed with all those jars! :D

  6. mmm those apples look scrumptious!


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