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Friday, 1 November 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 44

Half term week and phew it's been a busy one. School disco's, Carnivals, parties, sleepovers, relatives, days out and climbing with the odd storm (power cuts) and all the normal stuff thrown in too. I am, as is often the case, reeling (and we still have relatives coming to stay this weekend - aaarrrghhhhh!) Roll on Christmas - I might actually get to relax. Oh and apologies there are quite a lot of pictures this week!!

winning queen? dressing up + Bread and Jam dress
Little Miss decided to dress up with a few accessories - I have no idea what she was trying to be - my best guess is the Queen?! (but she did look funny so a photo was required!) 

Carnival float for girlguides
Last weekend it was the local carnival and the Girlguides association always has a big float with lots of the Brownies and Rainbows on it. Little Miss was very excited to be allowed to be on it for the first time as a Rainbow.

Sixties carnival costume - girlguides
And here she is - dressed up in her sixties outfit and very very pleased to see Mummy and Daddy and be able to wave at them! 

How to eat a toffee apple
As a treat I bought the girls toffee apples - Bigger Miss demonstrates how to eat one! 

steam train Bluebell Railway
The girls and I went for a short visit to Grandma's with a day out on Wednesday on the Bluebell Line and then a run around looking at the autumn colours in Sheffield Park garden. (hope to write a proper post on a great day out another time) Here is the view out of the carriage window - choo choo!!

Train driver on the steam train, Bluebell Railway
Little Miss got to meet the train driver at one of the stations on the Bluebell Railway - we love his moustache! 

Autumn reflections and a Ginkgo Biloba, National Trust Sheffield Park Garden
Unfortunately the sun went in for the afternoon but we still saw some gorgeous autumn colour at the National Trust's Sheffield Park Garden - I love the Ginkbo Biloba tree in the foreground. 

Autumn reflections and Fall colour, National Trust Sheffield Park Garden
Finally the sun came back at the end of the day - I love this one of Bigger Miss with the sunlight just coming through the trees. I took loads of pictures on our day out but these are a couple of my favourite. I will definitely have to do a longer post when I get time- watch this space! 

Tinkerbell fairy pumpkin carving
And of course it being Halloween there has to be a pumpkin - this was my attempt this year - a friendly Tinkerbell! We don't go in for Halloween in a big way and although happy to accept trick or treaters I have never taken the girls out to do it. Little Miss was at a Halloween party anyway and Bigger Miss at a brownie do.

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  1. loving the angle of the train shot and i am loving the toffee apple eating :-)

  2. Lovely photos including Little Miss in her fancy dress.

  3. Loving the top shot of the fancy dress and the train shot is wonderful too.

  4. it sounds and looks like you have had a ball this week! the train journey sounds lovely and your Tinkerbell pumpkin looks clever but my fav photo is the one sby that lake - just stunning and so autumnal x x

  5. I just adore the photo of the lake, the colours are stunning

  6. I think that's a cracking photo of the curving train, really looks fabulous. Also the photo of your daughter snaffling on that toffee apple!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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