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Saturday, 9 November 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 45

This has been a very long wet, working week without a great deal of inspiration so I am making up for last weeks photographic overload with very few this week.

We didn't manage photos of a houseful of cousins last weekend, some very good reports back from parents evening or making the Christmas mincemeat but I did take photos of:

autumn fall leaf art tree
Bigger Miss made a rather lovely tree from all the leaves we collected at National Trust Sheffield Park Gardens last week 

Robin redbreast
The bird feeders have been topped up and I did see our lovely long-tailed tits back but didn't manage to capture them on camera but I did get a quick pic of a friendly robin.

Mossy hill on country walk
Bigger Miss and I dodged the rain today and managed a walk around the Ranges in the late afternoon. I love the light and the colours there and this little hill stood out with it's green moss rather than the yellows and browns of most of the landscape - and I spotted a wee pixie!!

Longmoor Ranges - Heathland landscape at dusk
Another capture from our walk over the ranges - the colours and light are always so beautiful I wish I could paint and I can never quite capture with my little compact digital. 

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  1. Your walk over the ranges looks full of autumn colour and beautiful scenery

  2. I am loving that tree!! that looks like such great fun! :-) xxx

  3. Loving the leaf picture. So many different colours and leaf shapes.

  4. i love that leaf artwork i have a pile of leaves drying out to make a pic with (not me, the boys i mean!) and that bottom shot of the lake (?) is so lovely and makes me want to be there taking it all in x

  5. Love the wild art, must do that with mine!

  6. The photos from the range walks are glorious

  7. Love the photograph of the Ranges and your daughter; great colours.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  8. That tree pic looks fab!!

    Lovely Robin.,..sadly ours has left since we got a cat

  9. Gorgeous photos, I haven't seen any robins yet. I love the tree picture, it looks really effective


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