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Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Year in Pictures - Week 47

The pace is gathering and the run up to Christmas and birthdays has been increasingly hectic with the school Christmas Fair this weekend and a trip to Southampton Art Gallery with Bigger Miss's class - hence this post is late and there is a distinct lack of blog love but I have taken a couple of pictures. 

making pop art printing
Making pop art portraits at Southampton Art Gallery on Bigger Miss' school trip - it was lots of fun! (I went along as a parent helper)

craft clay owl Christmas decoration and handmade Christmas mouse
We made some Christmas decorations for the competition at school (we didn't win but we'll enjoy them on our tree) Bigger Miss made the mouse at her sewing club and I got the idea for the clay owl from pagingfunmums - I thought they were fab and so easy!

hand knitted mini Christmas stockings and mini wooden snowmen
In an attempt to raise money to help get our allotments we had a stall at the school fair to with little wooden snowmen to decorate and handmade knitted stockings - we didn't make loads but it was fun.

Father Christmas' grotto
The school do a great Santa's Grotto and here are the two Misses entering the grotto! 

Fundraising idea - Pluck the Turkey
Saving the best 'til last - one very clever mum in our class decided we should so a 'Pluck the Turkey' game for out class stall. She made him out of spray foam, plastic bags, lots of spray paint and an old hot water bottle. The feathers were made by the class and they each had a mark on them and it depended on the mark you pulled out as to what prize you won. The kids loved it  - Bertha was very popular! 

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  1. there is a definite air of Christmas over here today. that turkey is very good isn't it ? and all the crafty items so clever. i especially like the little felt mouse x

  2. Bertha loooks brilliant, well done to the mum. It just does not feel Christmassy so you forget just how close it is.

  3. what fantastic Christmas decorations!! I so wish I were crafty x


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