Rollercoaster Mum: Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto


Sunday, 1 December 2013

Silent Sunday #MySundayPhoto

London Christmas lights



  1. How fabulous Harrods looks! In all my years I lived in London (17!) I don't think I ever went to look at their lights...

  2. Harrods looks great. Both my brothers have worked here but I don't think I have ever entered the store. Need to change that.

  3. I took the boys to Harrods a year or so back when we visited London. We decided against buying a watch at £101,000, a fur throw at £10,000 or even a whole ham at £1,500 (although the latter did come in a very nice box!). We opted instead to share a sausage roll. It was very nice but split 3 ways it was rather small and still set me back £3.50! Nice lights though and I suppose the have to pay their electricity bill somehow!!

    1. We didn't spend anything - just admired the food halls and the toys and took pictures! In fact in a whole day out in London to see the Christmas lights all we spent money on was lunch in the Science Museum, some water from Boots and a snack in the dougnut place opposite Picadilly Circus tube station. Even Hamleys failed to get me to spend!

  4. Harrod's looks amazing all lit up. Wish I could visit.

  5. Wow, fantastic lights. I remember visiting Harrods with my mum when I was 11. I think we came away with a carrier bag and not much else!

  6. Harrords always make that extra effort with their Christmas lights and displays. Looks stunning

    Thank you for linking up

  7. Beautiful - starting to feel very Christmassy!


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