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Friday 10 January 2014

How Does My Garden Grow? RHS Wisley in the Winter

I have so many photos of gardens and days out that never get posted (no time grrrr) so I am going to try and start as I mean to go on in 2014. Kicking off with a post for 'How does my garden grow' over at Mammasaurus.

On a rare clear sunny day in the Christmas holidays we set off for RHS Wisley gardens to follow the enchanted story trail for the kids and for me to have a play with my new camera - so apologies for a slightly excessive number of pics. It looks like it may be nice again this weekend if you fancy a trip to Wisley (although the story trail has now gone), or you could go next week and they will have the butterflies in the glasshouse again (they are there until the beginning of March.) The girls enjoyed the story trail and running around the gardens but I was mainly taking pictures and experimenting with my new camera!

house and canal at RHS Wisley
The house and canal with the fountain - taken while the girls were being entertained with stories of pirates and avocados in the Loggia! 
RHS weathervane on the Loggia, RHS Wisley
The weathervane on the Loggia - experimenting with my new big zoom and different lights.

RHS Wisley in winter - the walled garden
Reflections in the Walled Garden

winter fountain in the Country Garden, RHS Wisley
Fountain in the Country Garden

RHS Wisley plants
Not sure what this is but was experimenting with closer shots with new camera and I liked the shape and colour.

greenhouse Fruit Demo Garden RHS Wisley - drying chillies
Fabulous colour of  some chillies drying in a greenhouse

Fruit demo garden RHS Wisley - fruit arches
Loved the shape of these fruit arches in the fruit demonstration garden.

green winter lettuce RHS Wisley
Pretty sure this one's a lettuce - looks good anyway! 

Winter veg RHS Wisley, leeks
The leaves from a leek in the winter veg garden  make a great pattern

pumpkin and gourd decorations RHS Wisley
The greenhouse in the veg garden still looked great with the autumn pumpkin and gourd decorations.

watching the ducks in the Rock Garden RHS Wisley
Little Miss watching the ducks on one of the ponds in the Rock Garden - one of them was whizzing around in and out of the water and being very funny.

winter bobble hat
Bigger Miss in quiet contemplation

view of the Glasshouse in winter, RHS Wisley
The Glasshouse looking rather lovely in the winter sunshine.
winter sunshine, The Glasshouse RHS Wisley
Experimenting with taking pictures into the sun at the Glasshouse lake.

bug sculpture Clore Learning Garden RHS Wisley
Though this fly/ant sculpture was rather cute! 

RHS Wisley Enchanted Story Trail
Listening to one of the story-tellers on the Enchanted Story Trail

sunlight through giant fan palm, Glasshouse, RHS Wisley
Late afternoon sunlight through a giant fan palm in the Glasshouse

giant parsnip, the Glasshouse RHS Wisley
The girls learning about the life of plants underground in the 'cave' in the Glasshouse

Beautiful natural Christmas decorations in the Glasshouse, RHS Wisley
And finally some of the beautiful, natural Christmas decorations in the Glasshouse
So if it's nice this weekend go off and explore a garden - even if your own is looking worse than awful (like mine!) For lots more garden porn head on over to Mammasaurus:

Mammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?
Also linking with the lovely Coombe Mill for Country Kids (although there's not much about the kids they were there and they did enjoy it!)

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 


  1. What great photos and a jolly good place to visit - or so I hear form many others too. Love that giant parsnip!!!

    That glasshouse looks wonderful - and that chilli plant is something else! Oh I need to visit this year for sure :)

    Thanks for joining in again and sharing - I'll be dreaming of fruit arches tonight now!

  2. Some fab photos there, love the giant fan palm, the chillies and the reflections x #HowDoesYourGardenGrow?

  3. I went to Wisley back in the Summer for my birthday,It such a gorgeous place to visit with all the different areas of planting.

  4. That looks like a lovely place to visit and you have some stunning photos

  5. The picture of the walled garden reflections is just beautiful! It's so interesting to see how gardens change with the seasons.....

  6. I went there before and love it! You have stunning photos!

  7. Oh gorgeous pictures. Looks like a lovely place to visit!

  8. Charley over at PodcastDove has written about going here recently - and makes me really want to go! You've just added to that!

  9. Wonderful photos of a truly beautiful and magical place, no wonder you keep returning. It's great to hear that they have activities for the children and having butterflies in the glasshouse sounds lovely. Thanks for linking up and sharing your visit with Country Kids.

  10. Wow it looks fab... makes me want to go out and brave the cold. :)

  11. LOVE that reflection! The light at the moment is lovely, isn't it, when you manage to catch it!

  12. Looks like a great place to visit for outdoor fun!

  13. Wow those photos are awesome.
    I've never visited but looks beautiful

  14. Wonderful photots, you've even made lettuce look beautiful. I must go out a practise with my camera now!

  15. Fabulous. Love your photo experiments...keep them coming. Looks like a lovely way to spend the day #countrykids

  16. I was digging the new camera shots (see what I did there....), I especially like that close up of the red and green foliage. So pretty.

  17. looks like a wonderful day out in the fresh air! x

  18. Gorgeous pictures - the walled garden looks like our sunken garden at school did years ago!

  19. Wonderful pictures! It's be ages since I last went to RHS Wisley, and now you've inspired me to add it to my list of places to take my son to.

  20. Wow ohh wow that looks amazing .x

  21. Lovely photos. And you found a sunny day to capture it all!

  22. Be never been to Wisley, but it looks lovely. I'll have to give it a go next time mother in law goes.

  23. Some fabulous shots there. So glad you got to see the Enchanted Trial. We go to Wisley a lot and didn't get to see it - went on the first day and it was super busy. Had a fun walk instead though. It's great Wisley, love it :)

  24. Fantastic pictures. I think my favourite is the fruit arches.

  25. I would love to have a garden like that :) That is amazing. I need to first learn about gardening I suppose :) x


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