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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The year 2014 in photos - Week 1

Well here I am again! My third year of Project 52.  (I don't try for the 365 but I don't always play by the rules and often post more than one picture - rebel without a cause and all that!) I did consider jacking it in but in truth it is what keeps my blog going on those weeks when it just seems too hard to blog for whatever reason and I do quite enjoy my (very) little corner of the t'internet. I truly appreciate all those lovely people who bother to read and comment - thank you. I may decide on a theme for my project later but this week has just been about actually getting the post published!

This year has started with more rain than most of us could imagine. The holidays have been mainly spent holed up indoors watching lots of films and doing lego and suchlike. We managed a family night out to the local curry house for New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day we did a roast with the biggest Yorkshire pudding ever! We also managed to escape the next day for a walk at the National Trust's Devil's Punch Bowl in the Surrey Hills where we got very muddy and admired the Exmoor ponies. In other news - this week is very late as bloody laptop has decided to partially die on me (again) so lets hope next week brings better weather and a laptop that works! Happy New Year everyone and good luck to all those embarking on there new 2014 photo projects - may the force be with you!

giant Yorkshire pudding
The biggest Yorkshire Pudding ever!  (not sure why but although this photo is saved in the other orientation on my computer, blogger insists on putting it this way round!)

Exmoor ponies, National Trust Surrey Hills, Devil's Punch Bowl
A herd of Exmoor ponies on the National Trust land in the Surrey Hills - they help keep the valuable habitat as heathland.

saying hello to a friendly Exmoor pony
saying hello to one of the Exmoor ponies

puddle paddling, National Trust Surrey Hills, Devil's Punch Bowl
Paddling in the puddles, Devil's Punch Bowl, Surrey.

posing by the big trees, National Trust Surrey Hills, Devil's Punch Bowl
They spent ages playing in this bank of trees - I was just impressed by the height! 

trees with green monster feet, National Trust Surrey Hills, Devil's Punch Bowl.
We loved this area with lots of trees with green 'feet' - this one was the best with huge green monster feet! 
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  1. Wow that is one impressive Yorkshire pudding, hope it was as delicious as it looks.
    Some beautiful photos, I especially like the trees with green monster feet.
    Good luck with the #Project365 this year, it is the first time I am attempting to join in with it

  2. that yorkshire pudding is immense wow yummy i love it too! the tree in the second to last photo reminds me of a cluster of breadsticks for some reason! i remember last year after a lot of rain the bottoms of tres having lots of green moss coverign them - that one does look like the foot of a monster
    happy new year x

  3. Those pictures remind me of down here!

  4. LOVE yorkshire pudding! That tree is pretty awesome!

  5. That is definitely my kind of Yorkshire pudding but those ponies are gorgeous

  6. Such fabulous outdoor photos! Love the ponies and the muddy puddles!

  7. That tree trunk is enormous, I'd love to explore that! That yorkshire is enormous!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365 and I'm so pleased to have you back again.


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