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Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Year 2014 in photos - Week 2

Back to reality with a bump this week - I hate the end of the Christmas holidays. Although we did get an inset day on Monday so it's really only been four days but boy, have they seemed long. The girls and I took a rare trip to the cinema on Monday to see 'Frozen' which I enjoyed far more than I thought I would and Little Miss adored, alternately squealing with giggles and hiding under my arm.

Photo-wise the good thing has been a few glimpses of that big shiny thing in the sky. I have been experimenting a bit again with what my camera can do zoom wise and taking photos into the light. The kids haven't featured much as they haven't done a lot. The only news on that front is a very loose tooth in Little Miss's mouth (first discovered, with much delight, on Boxing Day) which I have captured on film for prosperity.

sunshine through the trees in winter
A wintry, sunny afternoon shot.

Whale shaped cloud in wintry afternoon sunshine
Can you see a whale anywhere?

frosty winter sunshine
Frosty winter sunshine on the fields.

The horse's breath.

frosty green moss
frosty, green moss on the garden wall. 

wintry moss
more wintry moss! 

Winter spider's web.

the famous wobbly tooth
Little Miss showing off her wobbly tooth. 
For some more inspiration head on over to the Boy and Me:

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Also joining up with Mammasaurus's 'Better Photo Project' as I use picmonkey a lot and I have been trying to take better photos: 

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  1. Beautiful photos. I love the lighting and feel a bit inspired now! The low winter sun is great for these types of pictures. Yes I so see the whale!

  2. love the horses and their cold wintery breath :)

  3. What beautiful photos, and I can see a whale.

  4. wow at the frost, it does make for great pictures and I love your close up moss, the detail is brilliant. Bob has pulled a tooth out this week and Fifi has a wobbly one as well.

  5. Stunning photos - love the cloud whale :)

  6. Beautiful photos - I especially love the horse one!

  7. These photo's are fab! Really cool and showcasing some of the finer things about our winter!

  8. Beautiful photos. Love the one with the horses

  9. Beautiful wintery shots, love the cloud whale

  10. Gorgeous photos! Love the first one and the one of the horses in particular, but they are all lovely x #Project365

  11. Fabulous photos - love the horses :)

  12. love these photos so well composed and wonderful light

  13. we enjoyed Frozen too. talking of which, your photos of the horse breath and the little signs of spring are wonderful!! oooh looks the tooth fairy will soon be making a nightime appearance then x

  14. Love these - really captures the beauty of nature . That photo with the horses breath is amazingness! Pretty moos too - ah I need to take the kids out for a walk tomorrow now I have seen these!

  15. Gorgeous Photo's!!! lovely scenery and yay for wobbly tooth.. My youngest boy had a tooth fall out on Xmas EVE.. So he got abit more a special "tooth fairy" gift lol

  16. Just love the horses and the moss photos. They are delightful. I also surprised myself by really liking Frozen

  17. Love the chilliness of these pics

  18. beautiful photos, love the horse's breathe

  19. i can see a whale! lovely pics x

  20. Lovely collection of wintery photos. Particularly love the horses breath :-)

  21. Wonderful nature photographs, the clouds of steam from the horses' breath is amazing! The sunlight in all of them is astounding, great work!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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